Campaign Management

When we started working online in 1995, everything was about traffic. Fortunately, we know better now. We now focus on engagement through the content marketing experience. It is more important to capture the minds, hearts, and imagination of your customers than ever before. One of our flagship platforms was designed for the very purpose of building an audience and improving engagement. Unfortunately many in the industry still think in terms of traffic and forward cost-per-click schemes to monetize content. These schemes drive traffic but fail to deliver on the promise of content marketing.

Copy Writing & Content Marketing

It is a slight exaggeration to say that we have written about half of the copy you have read online. That, of course, is not true, but it feels that way. We were among the first companies to experiment with persona marketing and persuasion architecture. Today we write to a slightly different methodology that speaks to the four main macro-persona types. We attribute much of the success of the Cranberry platform to the implementation of this new groundbreaking methodology which simplifies persona marketing.

API Integrations

APIs are the magic glues that bind your different marketing, e-commerce, and communications platforms. If executed poorly, you have a sticky mess. Sure you can rely on services like Zapier to do some of this lifting for you. Admittedly we have in the past, but we have discovered the freedom and agility that comes from owning the connections.

Newswire Services

By far our biggest contributions to online marketing have come through our work in the newswire industry. We led the online press release revolution and are responsible for most of the best practices in place today. Put our experience to work for you with our free press release preflight review.

The SEO Secret

There is a secret you should know about Search Engine Optimization. It is not a stand-alone discipline. SEO is driven by providing a great experience, publishing quality content and actively nurturing online relationships.

You should not hire someone to "do SEO." SEO needs to be built into everything you do online. Driving good search results is a multi-disciplinary function. We build your marketing platform to encourage these best practices and help you incorporate them into your daily routine.

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